Understanding the OSI model and its layers

The OSI model is the part of the Open Systems Interconnection project at the International Organisation for Standardisation. The OSI model characterizes and provides a standard set of protocols for communication functions of a telecommunication or network system regardless to its underlying architecture. It provides interoperability and helps in easy troubleshooting of the network. The […]

Password-protect your MS-Word document

Microsoft Word utility is a commonly used application and many time you feel the need to Password-protect your MS-Word document . Sometimes, we wish only a selected group of people to have access to the data in our Word documents. The MS-Word in Office 365 gives you several tools to encrypt and Password-protect your MS-Word document […]

Filter spam and annoying calls on android phones

You’re in the middle of something important or just hanging out with friends and a spam call has buzzed on your smartphone.  We’ve all been there and it can be pretty annoying. Google has now come with a feature in its Phone app which will at least warn you about these irritating calls. So here […]

Tips for buying laptop

Buying a home or business laptop can be a confusing and sometimes frightening experience. Below is a listing of tips when buying laptop computer. Things to check out while buying laptop When purchasing a computer, it is likely that you are going to have a general idea of what you may like in the computer […]

Story of internet – The Network of Networks

A journey into story of internet Everyone of us use Internet… But do you know how it originated and transformed to what it is today??? Here you go… Lets have a peek into the Bygone times, Around 1960’s, the theories related to the internet started. In July 1961, Leonard Kleinrock at MIT published the first […]

File operations in linux using simple commands

Once you are equipped with the basic commands in linux, the next step will be learning file operations in linux using commands. For a primer on basic commands check linux basic commands. Have you ever tried to copy,paste,move or remove the files in your linux system using commands? Tough eh? Not really! Lets begin with […]

Linux basic commands for Beginners-Part 2

Welcome to the next part of linux basic commands. In case you have missed the previous post, or need a quick review on where we started, here is the link. Continuing from the last post in Basic linux commands series, I am going to mention the most commonly used commands by a Linux BEGINNER. Changing the […]

Now apply for the passport from anywhere using app!

In a welcoming step taken by Government of India, now the Indian citizen can “apply for the passport” from anywhere in country. The government of India has added new features in the “mPassportSeva” app and will now allow citizens to apply for fresh passports from the app itself from anywhere in country. Released on July […]