Are you wasting time waiting for an application to respond? Probably you might grab some coffee while it loads, or you can try figuring out the reason for slow running computer.

slow running computer

A lot of things in life goes slow, we can live with it. But a slow running computer isn’t so much of a fun.

The steps mentioned below will give an outlook on what can be done when a snail speed computer gives you a hard time.

1. Reboot

Rebooting the computer which is running since a long time might help. Sometimes the PC can be a mystery box and a simple reboot can fix the issue.

2. Temp files

The computer creates the temporary files while running programs. Deleting temporary files can free up space on hard disk and speed it up.

There are several utilities for it. Disk Cleanup is one such tool to delete temp files and other files no longer needed.

Alternatively, we can use the command %temp% from the “Run” option. once inside delete all the temp files.

3. Background programs

Disable or remove the “startup programs” which automatically starts when system boots.

To check out the program running in background and how much of cpu they are using, open “Task manager”.

Any Antivirus or security utility scanning the system in the background can slow down the computer.

4. Less Hard drive space

Make sure there is atleast 200-500 MB of free hard drive space.

“Swap files” can improve performance

5. Damaged or fragmented hard drive

Use “chkdsk” command or other utility to check hard drive physical corruption level.

Run “Defrag” to arrange data in best order on disk.

Get information about drive errors by reading “SMART” info using tools.

6. Check for malware

Malware and spywares can be the cause of multiple problems in computer. A regular malware scan on slow running computer saves the computer system from unexpected problems. Beware of the suspicious and fishy links when you browse through the internet. This link will provide you an insight on different types of malware.

7. Virus scan

viruses can make your computer really slow. Install a good “antivirus” to keep the viruses in check. You can use some free online antiviruses too if you don’t have one installed for active protection.

8. Windows Update

Keep your windows updated by installing updates regularly.

Update the browser plugins.

9. RAM upgrades

To run programs smoothly we need sufficient RAM. Increase the size of RAM on older computers.

To know how much RAM is installed, check “system properties” or use the command “msinfo32”.

Also run the program “windows memory diagnostic” to check the damage to the RAM at any point.

10. Overheating Processor

Use proper cooling solution(fan or liquid cooling) to ensure the processor doesn’t heats up soon during high activity.

Make sure the “Heat sink paste” or “Thermal Compound” has not dried up completely on the processor surface.

11. Reinstall everything

After trying the above solutions, if you still have slow running computer, Format disk and reinstall OS. Well, don’t forget to backup important data before formatting your disk.

12. Hardware Problem

Finally the failing hardware can be the reason of computer running slow. A bad Hard drive, RAM, CPU, or Motherboard can be the reason for slow or freezing computer system.

Further, you can run tools like, “ultimate DLCD” or ” Hiren’s Boot disk” to diagnose the problem.

Mostly the steps mentioned will provide a solution. If not, then definitely you got to contact helpdesk.

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